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“I believe the proposed multipurpose sports complex represents an amazing opportunity for the City to become one of the very elite youth/amateur sports destinations in the United States. This is a major quality of life enhancement for Mesa, and as a traditional soccer and futsal coach here in Mesa, I’m thrilled at the prospect of more fields and recreational space being available for our use; we are desperate for more of this product!” – Jimmy Deutsch, Mesa Resident and Coach

What are Questions 4, 5, and 6?

Question 4 has something for everyone; whether you enjoy museums, dog parks, mountain bike and walking trails, a good library or a great park that is accessible for all abilities.

These ballot questions also address the huge demand for more athletic fields throughout the city. The largest number of fields are slated to go on federal government land given to the city exclusively for recreational purposes. The land is free, the need is high, and the time is right.

In addition to parks, trails, museums and libraries, Question 4 funds recreational fields for local team use. Question 5 approves the construction of athletic fields and Question 6 increases the bed tax so tourist dollars can be used to pay for the construction of tournament fields.

About Mesa Plays

Mesa Plays will be a 24 field, multi-purpose sports complex for resident use. The location will be the vacant land adjacent to Red Mountain Multigenerational Center located in east Mesa.

According to Elliott D. Pollack & Company, leaders in economic analysis, this new development would generate significant benefits to the City of Mesa during every stage – from construction, daily operations and the anticipated future spending of visitors attending tournaments year-round. The complex will generate new economic activity like hotels and restaurants that will provide new tax revenue and jobs for all Mesa residents.


  • Job Generator
  • Meeting & Event Center
  • Projected 350,000 new visitors per year
  • New Tax Revenue Generator; creates new resources for city services
  • Community Builder; creates community, improves quality of life for all
  • Sports Fields for Mesa Families; provides a new place to play closer to home
  • Business Developer; a catalyst for other economic development projects
  • Brand Elevator; destination for the entire City / Region

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